98 performers are ready to perform for SABAH FEST 2018 ‘Solungkoi: Jambatan Tamparuli’


A total of 98 performers are ready to take the stage for Sabah Fest 2018 ‘Solungkoi: Jambatan Tamparuli’ musical theatre, from the 4 – 6 May 2018, at the Auditorium of Kompleks Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara, Sabah (Auditorium, National Department For Culture and Arts, Sabah).

“Every year the Sabah Fest musical showcases the diversity of Sabah’s cultural dances from selected districts. This year, we will feature the traditional dance of ‘Tarian Botumban’ from Kiulu which will be performed live by students of SK Pekan Kiulu. This rarely seen cultural dance tells the story of local villagers and their camaraderie during paddy harvesting season,” said Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, Chairman of Sabah Tourism Board cum advisor for Sabah Fest 2018.

Ten students of the Kelab Kebudayaan Koubasanan Tokou from SK Pekan Kiulu, Tuaran will be performing the ‘Tarian Botumban’.

“I am new in performing for a musical theatre. I have been actively representing my school to perform in schools and public events. Therefore, I am not really nervous. My parents will be coming to Sabah Fest to support me and I will do my best,” said Chrissylvia Anak Titos, 12, from SK Pekan Kiulu, Tuaran, who has had two years of dancing experience.

“We have been practicing the dance for the past three weeks and we are working really hard to showcase the ‘Tarian Botumban’ on stage”, said Ahmad Danial Aiman, 11, also from SK Pekan Kiulu, Tuaran.

Apart from the ‘Tarian Botumban’, there will also be nine students from the ‘Feng Yun Dance Troupe’ (风韵舞蹈团), of Kian Kok Middle School (KKMS) to perform a Chinese folklore dance.

The ‘Feng Yun Dance Troupe’ (风韵舞蹈团) will be performing the ‘Kai Men Hong’ (开门红), a Chinese song that translates to “Open the Red Door”. It is an auspicious song, meant to serve as a greeting of good fortune and good luck. According to the students, this is one of most challenging dances. Besides handling the art and movement of the Chinese fans, the dance also shows diverse moods and emotions, while portraying a rhythmic precision.

“We are thrilled to be able to perform in ‘Solungkoi: Jambatan Tamparuli’ musical theatre for the first time. It gives us a chance to increase our experiences and to overcome our fears on stage as we will be performing for about 500 audiences daily. We will do our best during this three-day event”, said Chaw Szing Jade (赵欣洁), 16, and Vivian Hong (洪玮筌), 15, who started dancing since they were four years old; both from the KKMS Dance Troupe.

‘Solungkoi: Jambatan Tamparuli’ is inspired by a Tamparuli legend that tells a story about a beautiful young woman who fell in love and later on became a human sacrifice to appease the Tamparuli river spirits. The three-day Sabah Fest also offers a line-up of cultural activities as well as food trucks from 6:30pm onwards, at the Auditorium of Kompleks JKKN Sabah (Auditorium, National Department For Culture and Arts, Sabah).

Admission to JKKN Sabah is free. Tickets for ‘Sabah Fest 2018 – Solungkoi’ are sold at RM50. Shows start at 8:00 pm. There is no admission fee for the exhibitions. 

For more information, please contact Francesca Lydia Chipli, Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd at +6088-232121 or email to francesca@sabahtourism.com. Updates on Sabah Fest 2018 at www.hellosabah.my.


About Sabah Fest
Sabah Fest was established since 1988. It is a celebration of Sabah’s rich and diverse cultures through musical theatre and exhibitions under one roof, to compliment the Ka’amatan (Harvest Festival) month with a stage performance on all three nights. This event is brought to the public by Sabah Tourism Board and is organised by its wholly-owned subsidiary Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn. Bhd.