Ampersand Specialty Coffee & Co-workplace


Tucked away in the city’s quiet enclave, Ampersand Specialty Coffee & Co-workplace is located at Bandaran Berjaya, Kota Kinabalu.

Bandaran Berjaya was one of the famous satellite towns in the 70s or 80s. It was the Ampersand Partners’ aim to bring a glimpse of the old KK to locals and travelers alike. For café hoppers who are into heritage and “bringing back the old days”, you can spot the signboard of the first owner of the shoplot outside the building, windows that were built by the Japanese, old beam structures – turned into a counter area in the cafe, as well as an old cupboard passed down from the previous owners. Even their toilet looks cool!

The interior of the café was renovated with a touch of modern and local favourites. This café fits up to 60 diners at a time and is decorated with unique furniture that brings different vibes at each section – normal table, high table, and even cinema chairs! If you’re an instagram or a selfie-addict, it is hard to resist from taking  pictures from all angles.

At Ampersand, you won’t be settling for an average cup of tea or coffee. Their skilled baristas find themselves pushing the limits of caffeine perfection to win your hearts.

The Ampersand café is open for a rent as common space for workshop and collaborations.

The café does not display their brand name outside of the café. Therefore, it can be challenging when searching for the exact location of the café. Just keep a look out for an earthy painted café  with an old Kota Kinabalu feel to it!