LIMITED EDITION 100 Years Merchandise


Let’s celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sabah Tourism Board March 16, 1918 – 2018!

To celebrate this 100th Years Centennial Celebration of a heritage building, Kadaiku is offering four limited edition merchandises for collection – a medallion, postcard, pen and fridge magnet. This can be a good collection as well as a great memorable gift for your friends and family!

100-Year Coin
The 100 Years Centennial Celebration Coin will be cast as a coated gold coin, stamped with the historical building. This coin will be a limited edition collector’s item. Only 200 medallions are up for grabs!

Price: RM 40.00


100-Year Fridge Magnet

Complete your magnet collection with this colonel hat fridge magnet.

Price: RM16.00


100-Year Stamp

Stamp enthusiasts can get themed stamps this year while stock last. This is a special promotional period in honour of our 100 Years Centennial Celebration of a heritage building and will not be offered again.

Price: RM 55.00