Sandakan Backpackers Hostel


Adding Life to Plain Walls, Adding Colors to Sandakan

Pushing through the doors, taking up the stairs, there are many on the walls that impress the eyes. From realistic to abstract paintings, travellers in this place leave a piece of their memory behind, to deliver a message or to express their emotions through adding odds to the walls. This is a hostel, Sandakan Backpackers Hostel, located in a small but many-stories-to-tell town, Sandakan of Sabah, Malaysia.

The painters of the amazing works on the walls can go from someone who is a painter for living up to creative children who would love to create a masterpiece. Each work on the wall has a story to tell. Entrusting the empty spaces on the wall to the travelers from all over the world, leaves a unique and meaningful feature for the hostel.

From a world leading travel site, Sandakan Backpackers Hostel was granted with the Certificate of Excellence under the category of Specialty Lodging. The passionate owner and staff members of this place do not merely check travelers in and voila. Travelers can ask them anything about Sandakan, and they will be more than happy to find out and to recommend some of the best way of planning out itineraries.

Sandakan Backpackers Hostel promotes the idea of making friends while travelers are traveling; that is how people will remember Sandakan in a more colorful way. Efforts can be seen in the way the common areas are being set up. Overseeing the Sulu Sea, one of the highlight in the hostel will be the sea view rooftop terrace that is a common area. With the sea breeze and great view, this is a place just nice for a sun rise, a book and some good chats. On top of it, the cozy couch and seating area in the lobby is just as welcoming with some card games, Wii games, board games and electronic dart game ready.

Sandakan can sometimes receive the comment where there is not a lot to see, which is quite saddening. However, there are reasons of why Sandakan is being considered as one of the most underrated destination in Southeast Asia from one of the travel guide publisher. And from here, Sandakan Backpackers Hostel is trying to open up extra lights of Sandakan for eyes to witness.