ERK Experience Gallery – Explore The Virtual Attractions Of Sabah


Sabah’s first ever ERK Experience Gallery offers an experience that will bring out the inner child in you as you immerse yourself into this virtual world. ERK Experience Gallery combines fun and interactive arts into the technological era for both parents and children to dive into.

The yellow ball pit, to represent Sabah’s lost world of Maliau Basin, with the net holding the balls tied into the shape of a water droplet. Take a dip into the ‘sea’ without the worries of changing into dry clothes after.
Each of the colours represent a quality: yellow for happiness, blue for intelligence, purple for peace, orange for success, red for energy, and green for growth. Explore this virtual Danum Valley and intertwine yourself in these multi-coloured vines.

Ever dreamt of swinging on a wrecking ball? Dream no further! You can jump onto your own crocheted wrecking ball and swing like the proboscis monkeys of Borneo in the Proboscis Jumper. Just make sure you don’t bend over backwards trying. 

A hypnotizing 9-metre interactive display of the virtual Kinabatangan River with animated fish that swim away if you touch them! 

Don’t forget to make your mark in this world of fun. And watch it glow in the ultraviolet dark of The Glow Room!

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits you!

Opening Hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Address: ERK 1st Floor, KWC Lifestyle Shoppes, G87/88 & 1 – 72A/75
For more information, head over to their:
Instagram: erkinteractiveplay
Facebook: ERK Interactive Play